New commission 
New music 

September 2014

Head to a show and see these guys if you get a chance!

Competition time for Instagram.

Do you want her?

We tore each other apart. Our heads. Our hearts.

Part of my portrait series and secret commissions.


September 2014.

When the bitterness has gone there’ll be sweetness on our tongues. 

Personal projects.
September 2014. 

I’ve got a better touch than any girl you’ve ever had, oh sweetie you had me. 

Portraits project. 

This one is based on the phenomenon of free birds that attach themselves to humans. 
September 2014.

d o n t  b o t h e r  c o m i n g  b a c k 

Part of my personal project - the portrait project
Everyone has a story

September 2014

E v e n  m y  h a n d s  c a n n o t  f o r g e t  y o u

Original ink commission
September 2014.

I  t o o k  y o u r  h e a r t  &  y o u r  h e a d
Everyone has a story to tell
Part of the Portrait Series

Original pen commission
September 2014.

Part of my portraits project

H a t e  b l i n d s  u s

Part of the secrtet commissions project where a commission is ordered from me and its a surprise until it reaches your door.

W e  h a v e  l o s t  i t  a l l
Our connection to nature has gone because we have killed it.
September 2014.
September 2014.

L e  C h a t  T h e  M i n d  R e a d i n g  C a t

Original Pen Commission
September 2014

Part of my secret commissions project where people order a piece of art and irs a surprise until it reaches their door!

W h a t   a   c a t a s t r o p h e
September 2014

C H A N G E  Y O U R  L I F E  

If you know where you want to go, push yourself and go there. If people around you take you for granted or abandon you - then abandon them - give love to everyone but especially those who deserve it. You might change someone’s day. Or even someone’s life. Its okay to show emotions. It’s okay to make a fool of yourself. In the end you’ll be the one saying “I pushed myself, I wasn’t afraid to be raw or real. I had so much love & fear in my heart” and the others, well they were safe - they never truly felt fear or love. Be raw. C h a n g e  y o u r  l i f e. 

Commission for Ingang Designs. 

August 2014.

W E  A R E  D Y I N G  T O  F E E L  A L I V E 

A quick drawing I am going to animate soon. 

Personal project 

August 2014