d o n t  b o t h e r  c o m i n g  b a c k 

Part of my personal project - the portrait project
Everyone has a story

September 2014

E v e n  m y  h a n d s  c a n n o t  f o r g e t  y o u

Original ink commission
September 2014.

I  t o o k  y o u r  h e a r t  &  y o u r  h e a d
Everyone has a story to tell
Part of the Portrait Series

Original pen commission
September 2014.

Part of my portraits project

H a t e  b l i n d s  u s

Part of the secrtet commissions project where a commission is ordered from me and its a surprise until it reaches your door.

W e  h a v e  l o s t  i t  a l l
Our connection to nature has gone because we have killed it.
September 2014.
September 2014.

L e  C h a t  T h e  M i n d  R e a d i n g  C a t

Original Pen Commission
September 2014

Part of my secret commissions project where people order a piece of art and irs a surprise until it reaches their door!

W h a t   a   c a t a s t r o p h e
September 2014

C H A N G E  Y O U R  L I F E  

If you know where you want to go, push yourself and go there. If people around you take you for granted or abandon you - then abandon them - give love to everyone but especially those who deserve it. You might change someone’s day. Or even someone’s life. Its okay to show emotions. It’s okay to make a fool of yourself. In the end you’ll be the one saying “I pushed myself, I wasn’t afraid to be raw or real. I had so much love & fear in my heart” and the others, well they were safe - they never truly felt fear or love. Be raw. C h a n g e  y o u r  l i f e. 

Commission for Ingang Designs. 

August 2014.


W E  A R E  D Y I N G  T O  F E E L  A L I V E 

A quick drawing I am going to animate soon. 

Personal project 

August 2014

The only thing we can trust is death. 

I N  D E A T H  W E  T R U S T 

Personal Project August 2014

We are all dead inside. 

Attempts at animating my illustrations. 

You make your own luck (good luck)

Personal project
T Shirt designs 



New designs, new ranges.
July 2014.

New stickers on their way! 
Sticking around the world begins now. 

July 2014.